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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Google Photos Has Introduced New Feature, The Color of Pop

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Color Pop
  • Google Photos has started receiving a new update with Color Pop feature
  • The feature was announced at I/O 2018 to pop colors of subjects
  • Google has separately deprioritized its object-removal technology.
As the default gallery of the app on Google Pixels, Android One and many others near Android device INTERFACE stock devices, Google Photos gets a lot of attention. The app additionally serves as a cloud-based storage platform for photos and can be configured to automatically sync and upload new photos taken on a smartphone to the cloud. As a result, Google Photos has gained a lot of popularity. Last week at Google I / O in 2018, held May 8-10 in California. At the annual developer conference, Google made sure to check out upcoming innovations. In 2018, the company focused on promoting Google Photos. The company announced new features for Google Photos.

New features for Google Photos are starting to be deployed. A popular feature is Color Pop, which transforms the background of an image into black and white and maintains the color of the subject of the image.

Several new features of Google Photos were revealed at Google I / O 2018, including an artificial intelligence feature called Color Pop. This new feature is a one-click editing process that turns the background of a photo into black and white while the subject stays in color. However, the feature can only be used for certain images in which Google can easily identify the subject.

Some people currently have access. On May 11, a Reddit user posted an image taken with Color Pop. With the current update, it is unlikely that Color Pop is still available for everyone.

A new feature under the updated Google's Photos is the "Color of Pop". This feature allows you to create images where the subject of the photo is kept in color, while the background and the rest of the image become monochrome. Naturally, this creates an interesting stylized effect that emphasizes the subject at the center of attention in the image. Like other stylized photos of Photos on Google, you can not add this effect to photos of yourself.

Instead, Google's algorithms scan your photos to decide which effect is best for the image, and some images will get the Color Pop 'effect. However, you can not really know which image will look for it, and it comes as a surprise through Google's Photos app. Some users report that the effect is now showing on their applications, according to Android one of the newspapers. However, it is not certain if it is a feature-based application or server-side feature, but users are reporting it in the app's update.

Google Photos Update
Stylized Google photos appear in the wizard section of the Google app Photos. Here you can see the images that Google IA has added effects, and save them to your phone if you wish. Google Photos key element is considered as its storage in the cloud; you get unlimited storage for your photos, a bit of resolution reduction, and you can also save your photos in full resolution if you agree with it occupying your cloud space. The service allows you to view your images on one of your connected devices and platforms and allows users to eliminate the need to store image files on the storage device.

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