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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Sex and Technology: Influences and Particularities

The technological advancement of our time has a clear influence on sexuality and our relationship to it.

Sex and technology can become an exceptional pair if it is well understood, or a nightmare if the contact created is not respected.

Sex and technology are two terms that maintain an increasingly close relationship. For thousands of years, human sexuality has not been affected by technological advances. However, in recent times, technology has started to find a role in this era.

Of course, this is possible thanks to the existence of technology but also thanks to the transformation of the way of understanding and living sexuality. In this article, we will deepen this topic a little more.

Sex and Technology: Influences
The technological advances have provided new spaces for human beings. This advance has favored the appearance of new forms of socialization in all areas, including the emotional and relational.

Sexuality is such an important facet of a human being's life that every element that conditions it is systematically something important. When it comes to technology, mobile apps, the internet, and social media have certainly been the most influential.

Today, almost all of us have a “smartphone”. However, we are not calling more than before. On the contrary, we generally use other, more distant forms of communication. In fact, evolution is happening at such a speed that it is difficult to study and draw conclusions about the relationship we have with technology.

There is no doubt, on a personal and social level, technology has a very important influence. Although it sometimes seems imperceptible, it is important to be aware of the relationship between technology and Sex, especially if we are referring to inappropriate or pathological behaviors.

Internet and Sex

The Internet is endless. The same is true for the number of pages and references to sexual content. A network is a privileged place, both for entertainment and for information. However, it is not adequate in all cases.

On the other hand, in the youngest social class (including adolescents and minors), the sharing of personal sexual content is a practice that has developed strongly. Indeed, this practice has attributes that make it very attractive. The visual aspect is of great importance (in a world made up of more and more visual people), and sending a photo or a video does not take much time.

Content for Adults

We can find sexual material in different forms. There is no need to look very far. On the other hand, the statistics tell us that we are in fact talking about a Sex that has a large audience and is made up of various age categories.

On the other hand, this content is far from harmless. We now know that the content shared and consumed largely conditions the sexual expectations of the people who use it. In a way, our brain does not seem to process the information it perceives as fiction.


One of the most dangerous practices between sex and technology is sexting. It is mainly used between young people and adolescents and it consists of sending photos and videos (taken in the form of selfies with a mobile phone) including explicit sexual content.

This can be a practice introducing seduction into adult sex life. However, among young people, it has become a risky erotic game. In addition to increasing desire, some recordings end up in unwanted hands. This can have dramatic consequences with the dissemination of illegal and inappropriate content.

Unfortunately, in the perversion of this practice, we find grooming. The groomer is an individual who seeks to injure a minor by using social networks and technology in order to get in touch with people who are generally much younger. He disguises his appearance in order to obtain explicit sexual material from his victims.

“It is terribly evident that our technology has surpassed our humanity.”
-Albert Einstein-

Sex and Technology, A Controversial Relationship

After the observations presented, we can affirm that sex and technology form a polemical binomial. Technology opens up a whole range of possibilities. The downside is that many of them, far from being beneficial to us, can harm us. We must, therefore, choose the people we love and those we do not like. It is our right, and it has a significant impact on our self-esteem and empathy.

On the other hand, technology has revolutionized the emotional bond between individuals. Applications such as Tinder, giving rise to relationships or pseudo-relationships in which the stages are burnt out very quickly, is real proof of the conception of perverse love. Love is then nothing more than a consumer product.

Technology has also developed what is known as haptic devices (associated with touch). They are actually devices that stimulate the sensation of touch or the impression of being touched by the other. All of this virtual sex which is initially considered an advantage does not allow intimate communication to improve. In fact, it often generates conflict, a lack of confidence and harsh judgments.

At the end of the day, we could say that it is not technology pursue, but how we apply it. The technology applied to sex is not bad in itself. The use or abuse that we can make of it will determine its consequences on each person or each couple.

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