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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Samsung Galaxy M Series Release - Upcoming Smartphone

Samsung Presents A Cheap Galaxy M Series With Large Batteries Soon.

Samsung Galaxy M Series Release | DigiWeb Trends

Samsung is coming soon with the Samsung Galaxy M series. Samsung expands its budget range later this month with the new models, such as the Galaxy M10, M20, and M30. These cheap Android smartphones get big batteries and low prices.

Samsung Galaxy M Series Release Confirmed

Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy M series have been buzzing around for a while, but an Indian CEO has confirmed the upcoming release. The Galaxy M-line is a new model series that will soon be presented by Samsung. In conversation with Reuters, Samsung confirms that the first three Samsung Galaxy M smartphones will be available in India from the end of January on 28 January. They will soon be revealed, but many details have already been leaked.

Samsung Galaxy M Series Release | DigiWeb Trends

The Samsung Galaxy M10, Galaxy M20, and Galaxy M30, as the devices are called according to the top man, will be sold in India exclusively through Amazon and the manufacturer's web shop. Major rivals Xiaomi and Oppo have the same sales strategy in India.

Samsung hopes to compete better with these companies with the new three. Cheap budget smartphones are gaining more and more market share in India, Reuters writes, and Samsung has not yet received a good response to this.

The Galaxy M series should be that answer: the cheapest Galaxy M10 probably has a suggested retail price of $136, rising to around $215 for the M30. The cheapest Samsung smartphone of the moment, the Galaxy J4 Plus, had at its release a suggested price of around $159.

Large Battery, Fast Charging, A Small Notch

Samsung is targeting a younger target group with the three smartphones, according to the CEO. They are equipped with large batteries, support for fast charging, and a selfie camera hidden in a small notch at the top of the screen. They are the first devices that get a notch.

Samsung Galaxy M Series Release | DigiWeb Trends

It is striking that the screen edges are very thin anyway so you can enjoy a lot of screen in the front. Especially the Galaxy M20 has a large battery: appeared specifications suggest a capacity of 5000 mAh. That should be enough for two days without charging.

Also, the smartphones all get a USB-C connection and there is support for fast charging.

At the back, the Galaxy M from Samsung will be equipped with a dual camera with the LED flash underneath. The fingerprint scanner for unlocking the smartphone is also placed on the back. We assume that there will be no metal housing, but plastic. This can be seen from the absence of antenna tapes on the sides of the smartphone.

Although the smartphones are aimed at emerging markets, they will probably also appear in the Netherlands later this spring. At the end of last year, sources claimed that Samsung is planning to sell the three devices in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. We will probably hear more about that if Samsung actually announces the threesome.

The M-series will be placed in the lower mid-end segment and thus compete with devices like the Huawei P Smart 2019 and Honor 8X.

When more is known about the new generation M-series from Samsung, we will keep you informed.

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