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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Top 8 Best CyanogenMod Alternatives for Android

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CyanogenMod was one of the leading ROM distributors for Android devices, and users tend to use their ROMs to customize their devices with this custom operating system. Although this is the main developer company growing due to some problems, this company has stopped producing and distributing ROM packages.

If you liked CyanogenMod, know that there are many other choices for users, but not all are so good. Here, in this article, we've listed 8 best CyanogenMod alternatives for the Android device, and we've collected these best alternatives from all of the available options and tested them to their limit so they do not have to navigate to through different options.

1.  Lineage OS 

This is the ROM being developed by CyanogenMod's solid work development team. As this amazing ROM is being developed by the developers of CyanogenMod only, it is a certain preference to try this one. Under the other name, you could see the fantastic ROM.

2.  CopperheadOS

Android could have a lot of flaws, and this could be dangerous for the devices. This would not be impossible if your device could sometimes have malware, flaws, etc. that would ruin the performance of your device. The Copperhead solution, designed by open source developers, has been designed to focus security and protection against vulnerabilities.

3. OmniRom

Based on the Jellybean version of Android, this ROM is ideal for your device because you have the ability to get regular updates that make it more suitable for your device. In fact, it's the perfect alternative for CyanogenMod, and you simply do not have to worry about compatibility because this ROM easily supports most devices.

4.  Resurrection Remix

If you're looking for a custom ROM that offers hundreds of features, then Resurrection Remix is for you. Resurrection Remix is one of the most popular custom ROMs and has been around for a long time. Resurrection Remix uses LineageOS, Paranoid Android, SlimRoms as the primary source code and modifies them to add additional features.

5.  Replicant

This completely free distribution is not changed by any style, but users only have the option to play with the Android stock only. The only difference is that it is focused on open source development applications and more concerned with security. Especially this could be a great alternative to CyanogenMod because of its performance and ability to be personalized.

6. Pure Nexus  

Pure Nexus is committed to providing you with stock stability experience while providing many customization options. Pure Nexus uses minimal resources to work on Android. However, the ROM is officially available only for the Pixel and Nexus family, but it is also available on other devices.

7. Slim ROM  

If you're looking for the lite version of Android that could play comfortably on your hardware without bloatware because of the lack of advanced graphics or additional features, this ROM is exactly what could help you. This ROM only replaces the CyanogenMod in its capabilities to work smoothly so you can go!

8.  Android Paranoid

Paranoid Android is another great ROM used by millions of users around the world. The ROM brings a clean and refined experience while using a minimum of resources. The ROM does not contain a lot of features, but it promises a soothing user experience. So, overall, Android Paranoid is one of the best ROMs you can use in 2018.

So here are the Best Alternatives to CyanogenMod for Android devices that we have noted for you in this article so that you can properly customize your device with this custom operating system.

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