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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Google Is Rolling Out A Major New Version Of Gmail To Google Apps

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Google Updated Gmail: Major Innovations

The company decided to update the popular Google's app Gmail with new features in the upcoming update.

The information leaked a few days ago. According to rumors, Google is preparing a major overhaul of its Gmail e-mail service, the most popular in the world with 1.4 billion users.
Recently reworked Gmail has a lot of smart tricks, but no one expected the same significant performance improvement. This feature allows you to quickly open the sidebar of Google applications, such as "Tasks" and "Calendar", so you can edit the to-do list or add the meeting to your schedule without leaving your mailbox.

Image Credit: Google
It is so popular with Gmail users that Google is expanding it. The company claims to represent this sidebar feature for other G Suite applications, so you can now access the Google Calendar, the Custodian, and Tasks from documents, sheets, slides, and drawings. You can also access the Custodian and Tasks from the Calendar.

If you do not like the sidebar or you feel that the Google application is too cluttered, which is a valid argument for the modified Gmail, you can also minimize it. Functions should appear in those who participate in the Google Developer Program, and more widely for all G Suite users over the next two weeks.


In the old version of Gmail, a small menu at the top left gave access to Google's "Contacts" and "Tasks" services. A click on the first item redirected to the web address of the service, while the second opened a small window superimposed on the Gmail interface.

This menu has been replaced by a sidebar on the right that opens when you click on an icon. We find in this space the agenda and tasks Google, but also the notes of the service "Keep". Moreover, the presentation of these notes is rather successful. 

It would be interesting if Google takes elements of this vision to bring them to the main interface of Keep (including the rounded corners of the boxes). Note that the sidebar can also accommodate add-ons that are primarily intended for professionals.


This is probably the biggest novelty of this Gmail in terms of features. Google offers privacy options for sending emails and anti-phishing. Unfortunately, these features will only be activated in a few weeks. I will give my impressions on this subject on the blog as soon as I have tried them.

A " confidential mode " will send an email with an expiry date ranging from 1 to 5 days. The principle of this function is that a link is sent to the recipient so that he can view the message in the e-mail box of the sender. The latter retains all access rights on his message. Google says it will work with other services than Gmail.

Alongside this option, we can add a "Passcode" generated by Google that will be sent to the recipient by SMS. Without this code, he will not be able to read the email. In addition, it will be possible to prohibit the transfer, copying, downloading or printing of certain messages. Useful for emails containing sensitive information.

Google is also implementing a new anti-phishing security system in Gmail. This tool will use artificial intelligence to analyze incoming emails and determine if they are at risk. An explicit warning message will then warn the user of the danger.

I think this idea is great. This may help ensure that Internet users do not get scammed, even if fraud can sometimes seem obvious

The company decided to update almost all of its online services, including documents and storage. In addition, Chrome browser will soon receive a large-scale update, changing its appearance.

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