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Friday, August 31, 2018


You must be using Google Play Store but there are some apps in the Google Play Store which you do not know about. Today, you are going to find out about some unique Google Apps that you will love. You can also download them for free. You will not even hear about these apps, but these apps will do a lot of work. 

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Thousands of apps are available in the Google Play Store, but these are the most beautiful apps made by Google. Here is a list of amazing apps by Google from bottom to top:

5. PhotoScan by Google Photos:

You will be able to scan the photo, but it is something special. Especially, because this is the world's largest Internet company Google's own scanner app. With this app, you can digitally scan any photo. I know there are thousands of apps available to scan the photo.

This app is a special app in Google Play Store. The quality of the scan will be very good in this app. Whenever you scan from a new or old photo album, then the quality of the photo is very important, do you believe it? Yes In this, you get a complete guarantee of quality. In it, you have the option of scanning the photo as well as editing and color and contrast increase. This is one of Google's best apps, but this is not as famous. I do not know the reason for not being famous, but this work exhausted.

4. Google Wallpapers:

If you want a photo of anything, you need a search in Google and thousands of photos to appear in front of you. But brother, lots of photos will get you, whose quality you get as much as you want, and therefore Google has left you for you.

This is Google's official wallpaper app. In it, you will find the world's best photos, which you can set as wallpaper on your mobile. You will probably say that thousands of such apps are present in the Google Play Store, but my brothers, these apps are different from the rest. The quality of the wallpaper is that they get very high in this app. From the photos of the world's finest pictures, from the sunset to the green fields, from big buildings to cartoons, all you will find in it.

3. Google Trips – Travel Planner:

Suppose you have to move on some way, then in this situation, there is no one better for you than this app. Whether you are going inside your city, or even outside of your city, the information you will find in this App.

Even if you are going to another country, you will also get a lot of work to do.
This is the best app for planning to travel around. Yes, you can say to me that if you want to know about any place, then I can search and search in Google. You can, of course, do this, but this anticipates you with information everywhere in one place. You will not have to go to different websites to get information about any place, you will find sari information in one place.

2. Google Fit – Fitness Tracking:

If you are a Fitness Freak, then this is your best app for you. These apps can be used to fit yourself. You can set the routine inside the Aap and follow the same routine and reduce your weight by increasing your weight.

Just as if you want to increase your weight, then you have set this in you that you have to eat me so much, and you follow it daily. Over time your weight will increase. You can also calculate the time through this app that your weight is so much and after 6 months you want your weight to be so much, how much food will you have in one day! This is the best app to keep yourself fit, healthy, and healthy.

1. Google Earth:

This is Google's very great navigation app, named Google Earth. Well, it's Google Maps, but you can say that it's made in a very visual and 3D way. Because here you can see the world in 360 degrees. 

You can see some of the best places in the world to be virtually on your mobile. You must definitely try this app. This is my favorite app. See, how amazing is that! You can see anywhere in the world on your mobile. I am not talking about the photo. I'm not even talking about the measurement. I'm talking about 360 degrees. With this app you will see any place, then you will feel that you are actually watching it!

Friends, Play Store has many more fun and interesting apps. If you try any other app or not, but definitely try these apps described above in your entire life.

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