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Monday, May 7, 2018

A New WhatsApp Message Bug Is Crashing Smartphones: Checkout The Reason

A mysterious WhatsApp message is causing smartphones to crash. We discovered the explanation for it.

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WhatsApp has not commented on the potentially disruptive bug so far.
A bug is being forwarded via messages which when tapped, could send not just the Whatsapp android app crashing but possibly even the entire Android device as well, the media reported.

The message itself is self-explanatory. It says "In the event that you touch the dark point then your WhatsApp will hang." We freely explored and can affirm the message to be sure crashes the application, despite the fact that relaunching the application appeared to settle it. 

As indicated by SlashGear, it's an ordinary message bomb that is causing the crash. Message bombs are uncommonly made message with shrouded images in the middle of spaces. When you tap a segment of the content, the application will influence the message 'to extend' to demonstrate the concealed images that over-burdens the application and once in a while, even the OS. 

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter


WhatsApp on Android crashes with this message https://www.slashgear.com/whatsapp-on-android-crashes-with-this-message-06529860/ 

The distribution announced two such messages are doing the rounds. Both incorporate these exceptional characters that are undetectable however are utilized to change the conduct of the writings. There are 6000 imperceptible Unicode characters substituting in the vicinity of '200E' and '200F'. The two characters are generally used to demonstrate left-to-right and ideal to-left written work. The maker of the bug put a much number of the character that did not alter the course of the content, but rather WhatsApp couldn't process that numerous bearing changes as they are altogether stacked into memory which has a physical breaking point. 

The message is allegedly made by a Reddit user 'DieHoe' who put the code for the message on Pastebin. He reports, "the Message is so overwhelming or heavy, my smartphone is passing on when I endeavor to copy or paste it. The Pastebin site isn't notwithstanding loading or stacking/working effectively on Android." 

It appears to be, be that as it may, just WhatsApp is crashing while at the same time endeavoring to peruse the message. Facebook Messenger is allegedly hindering the message. 

Intriguing regardless, it's one of the less disturbing news to originate from WhatsApp as of late. A week ago, WhatsApp CEO surrendered after a difference over security approaches while prior, fellow benefactor Brian Acton who had left the organization a year ago tweeted it's a great opportunity to erase Facebook in the consequence of the Cambridge Analytica embarrassment.

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